Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Data Reliability Undermines Water for Mining Projections

While the demands for Texas water by mining are not large compared to other demands, an analysis of projections for demands and needs in this sector provides an example of how our regional and state water planning process often fails to collect and use the type of accurate data needed for a state water plan.  For planning purposes, water demands for mining include oil and gas activities, as well as those demands for coal, uranium, rock, sand, gravel and other traditional mining activities.   

This new analysis shows that water use for mining—both actual and projected—is significant in some regions of the state, but the projections do not appear to be based on reliable data.  The analysis also reviews the existing statutory authority of various agencies to collect water use data and discusses how that authority might be used to develop better projections.

Coming soon:  an analysis of irrigation water use projections.

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