Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Edwards Aquifer Authority v. Bragg: Resource Links

While this important case has not yet run its full course, the ultimate outcome of Edwards Aquifer Authority v. Bragg could significantly affect how regional water planning groups determine how much ground water will be available in the future.  Last week, the San Antonio Court of Appeals issued its opinion regarding whether certain permitting decisions by the Edwards Aquifer Authority constitute a compensable regulatory taking.  Here are some links for further reading:

EAA v. Bragg opinion, August 28, 2013
Edwards Aquifer Authority v. Day (2012 Texas Supreme Court opinion which Bragg court relies upon)

Environmental Law Prof Blog (Dave Owen, University of Maine School of Law)
Texas Living Waters Blog (Amy Hardberger, St. Mary’s School of Law)

Texas Agriculture Law Blog

University of Texas Energy Center Blog
Pacific Legal Foundation Blog


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